January 2014

Herb Walks 2014


After such success with the herb walks last year at Park View, I will be conducting my guided herb walks in the grounds of Park View again this year.

For those of you who have never been on a herb walk I shall briefly explain what to expect. Herb walks are a fantastic opportunity to get to know the medicinal plants that grow in your area. Most of them you may recognise from your own garden, park or local hedgerows but are perhaps unaware that they can be easily utilised at home into simple remedies. During the herb walks we will identify different plants and talk about their uses. We don’t cover a lot of distance so the walk isn’t too taxing. For those of you unfamiliar with the terrain in Park View, the ground is fairly level although not all of the routes are suitable for wheel or push chairs, therefore very elderly or disabled people may find some of the terrain difficult. If you contact me before the walk you wish to come on, I will ensure that the route we take will be accessible. If you have any queries, please phone or email me directly on 07813 840394 or mel@namasteherbalhealing.co.uk

Dates for the walks this year are:

Sunday 25th May 2014 at 1pm
Sunday 22nd June 2014 at 1pm
Sunday 20th July 2014 at 1pm
Sunday 24th August 2014 at 1pm

It would be impossible to cover all the medicinal plants growing in the grounds of the park in one walk, and also different plants are abundant at different times of the year so please come along to more than one walk as there will be very little repetition of information and you will get the opportunity to learn more about the medicinal plants growing in your gardens and local streets, hedgerows, fields, woods and parks .

The walks will last about 2 hours and sensible shoes are recommended as is (hopefully!) a hat and sun protection or (hopefully not!) waterproof clothing depending on the weather.

The walks will commence from in front of the Cafe and I would ask that participants arrive 5-10 minutes before the walk time. There will be a nominal charge for the guided herb walks of £1.00 per adult and all proceeds are being donated to Park View 4U. Children under the age of 14 are welcome and will not be charged for but MUST be accompanied by their parent(s) or guardian(s) and will remain their responsibility at all times.

I will be providing a selection of herbal teas available after the walk in the tea room and they will be based on what we have looked at that day. There will also be the opportunity to purchase organic herbal tea blends should you wish to do so. Due to public liability insurance requirements, the maximum number of adult attendees must not exceed 15 on each walk, so places must be pre-booked.

If you would like to book a place on any of the herb walks, please contact Julie on julie@parkview4u.org.uk or call 01253 741955.

Herb Walks can be arranged for private parties, groups, organisations and schools. Please contact me for further information.