daisy infused oil

WP_20160406_001Junior Herbalist Club @ Park View, Lytham

This Saturday (9th April) our Second Year Junior Herbalists will be learning all about the healing properties of the common daisy (Bellis perennis). Last month we picked the flowers which have been made into an infused oil (just like we did in first year with chickweed) and we will be using this on Saturday to make a healing salve to take home.

The perennial daisy is such a common weed that its value as a medicinal plant is largely overlooked. It was well known by the Crusaders for easing pain, bruising, wounds and broken bones and has been long been known by its country name “bruisewort”.

Second Year children to meet at 10.00am in the Eco Pod.

daisies infusing in oil

daisies infusing in oil