Junior Herbalist Club @ Park View, Lytham


This Saturday (21st January) our Second Year Junior Herbalists will be making an antiseptic healing cream using Marigold and Comfrey.

Comfrey has a long history of use for its healing and anti-inflammatory effects on bone fractures, arthritis, inflamed joints, cuts, wounds and other injuries.

Marigold is the number one healing herb, being naturally antseptic and soothing for sore, angry or inflamed skin especially rashes, cuts and grazes.

This year we will also be planting some Forget-me-not seeds, as these flowers are a symbol of friendship and loving rememberance. Later in the year, we will transfer the plants into our park garden so that we may all remember our JHC friend, Edward James Dee.

Second Year children to meet at 11.30am in the Eco Pod.